[Cert: Catechist Lvl 2] B - Theological Formation

[Cert: Catechist Lvl 2] B - Theological Formation

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The Theological Formation component of our Level 2: "Witnessing the Call" Certification process is the second of our three major formative experiences. This part of the journey continues with 12 theological sessions. To proclaim the Gospel message as witness requires a deeper understanding of his words and actions.

• Pentateuch
• The Gospels
• Acts and the Epistles of Paul
• Marian Doctrines
• The End Times
• Baptism and Confirmation
• The Blessed Sacrament
• The Sacrament of Healing
• The Sacrament of Marriage
• Christian Morality part II
• The Sermon on the Mount
• The Ten Commandments

Note: All courses are for a 1 year subscription.
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